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Blackpool tower has stood proud on the North West’s shorelines since it opened to the public over 100 years ago (14 May 1894).  The people of that generation would never have though that such a large important building would be at the forefront of todays technological advances.

The tower was originally fitted with thousands of standard incandescent bulbs which sapped over 150000 watts of energy from blackpools grid. This over the years and with the introduction of carbon footprints had made it inviable to continue with that technology.

LED Lights offer energy savings, high power visual output and colour changing abilities. They were of course the natural successor on a project of this size, since it was decided in 2010 that the tower would be upgraded to LED bulbs it has taken years to replace all the bulbs with led modules, the work finally completed last month in march 2013.

The tower can now be programmed to produce light shows which were before un heard of, individual legs of the tower can be lit differently and effects can be applied throughout the whole length of the tower.

We visited the tower recently and were thouroughly impressed with the job that LED lighting has produced.

Below are a couple of snaps of our visit. – Long live blackpool tower!!

Blackpool tower illuminated by LED Light modules

Blackpool tower illuminated by LED Light modules

Artwork has always been the kind of thing that has to be shown to be appreciated. Simply hanging a painting on a wall is not enough, or ‘plonking’ a sculpture in a garden simply does not work as it should…

Here is where lighting and ambient lighting come to the rescue and in turn this introduces us to the benefits of LED Lighting.

Low power consumption, low voltage, waterproof IP67, long lasting and low impact LED Lighting is the choice for museums, art gallerys, stately homes and anyone who wants to show off those trophies. The clustered nature of an LED Light allows the light to bounce off the artwork in different directions creating sparkling effects, see the youtube video below for a good example.

If you have some artifacts, statues, paintings or trophies you want to sparkle to then visit our case studies and see what we can do for you…

It looks as though hotels are catching on fast to the ambient effects that can be achieved with LED Lighting as well as the cost saving benefits, the following article:

http://www.spicenews.com.au/2013/04/08/article/Mercure-Brisbane-unveils-new-look/RDWLNOOXKW.html details how Mercure in australia have used LED Mirror lights in their guest rooms, something which you can not do with traditional lighting, every day LED Lights are being used to replace or improve on products such as these, we too research and develop innovative LED Light products allowing this kind of product to exist.

For our range of LED products and case studies take a look at our website: http://www.fibreopticfx.co.uk

If you have ever seen children riding on bicycles then the chances are you have probably seen the inner tube bicyle tyre caps. Standard caps are usually plastic and black or blue coloured, but with everything in todays world these can be changed for something more fun!

LED tyre caps for bicyles make that bike ride entertaining especially at high speeds when the wheel rotates so fast it appears as though you are part of the cast from the TRON film.

LED Bicycle tyre valve cap

LED Bicycle tyre valve cap

LED tyre caps have been around a while for cars along with LED windscreen washer replacements. We think for kids bikes they are great as in the dark the child can be seen – bonus safety points and to the child they are fun and cool.

Often the LED technology used is not dissimilar from commercial technology in the fact they use colour changing LED lights and are low powered so only need a very small button battery.

My bike looks like TRON

My bike looks like TRON


Sailing the seven seas disneys cruiseliners look magnificent, the fleet of cruise ships have all started to adopt LED Lighting in various areas on board – at christmas time a 20,000 led lit tree is used to illuminate the atrium of the Disney Dream. Solar powered LED Lights are being used to save on energy and become more green.

Displays and feature lighting are becoming LED Lit again to save on power, carbon and extended cost savings.

LED Lighting can be found throughout the world in various guises, for more information on LED projects and LED installations take a look at our led page here.


Looking to create that great twinkling star effect in your bedroom, if the answer is yes then you will be well advised to get a hold of one of our DIY star ceiling kits.

Our great kits can be used on any size and shape of ceiling ensuring you have that wonderful nighttime star effect.

Star ceilings are commonly used by celebrities and people in the limelight such as Ben Stiller.
Why not use the star ceiling in your cinema room to create that ultra low level lighting effect without disturbing your cinematic experience.

Our star ceiling kits use a halogen light source to power the fibre optics and light engine for the twinkle effect.

We do have alternatives available for other situations such as Light engines powered by LED lights rather than halogen, please visit our main website for more information.


LED Technology in use by NASA

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Having read a very interesting article recently about how NASA is implementing LED Light technology in the International Space Station to cue the astronauts bodies into daylight routines it just goes to show the diverse nature of led lighting and again its choice over other lighting was its massive bulb lifespan.


More info can be found here:



LED Lighting is no longer the ultra expensive lighting option for architects and specifiers who spec out the materials to use in the shops and shopping centres we visit every day. In fact LED Lighting is fast becoming the preferred choice with long term cost savings and lower environmental and CO2 impact.

The varied nature of LED lights allow them to be installed for nearly every application you can think of, including the following:

The list goes on and is endless.

Often LED is used in custom applications to get ‘the desired effect’. Its ability to be supplied in strip form makes it perfect for strip lighting or the new range of LED floodlights can be used for high powered illumination. Everyday around you if you stop for a second you will see LEDs in use.


Throughout the 2012 Olympics in London, England an array of visual effects and lighting is being used.

Much of the lighting is utilising low power energy efficient LED Lighting, this lighting allows the organisers to produce magnificent highlight and mood lighting throughout the games.

Many of the floodlights in the stadiums used during the games utilise LED Flood lights which can now give comparable power output to their incandescent predecessors.

If you take a look whilst your walking through the streets of london during the games you will notice many of the street lights have been converted to LED Lighting and within sport city you will see water features and statues illuminated with LED Lighting.

Traditional Fibre Optic Lighting is also being used but the fibres are being used to create star ceiling effects in conference centers and along walkways.

Fibreoptic FX  equipment is used extensively throughout the Olympic Games in various guises.

New York – Times Square is one of the maternal homes of bright lights and entertainment, it wont come as any surprise to see the vast amount of standard lighting has now been converted to high efficiency, low energy LED Lamps and LED Lights.

Some examples of excellent uses of external LED Lighting are shown below, sinatra himself would have been proud!.

WALGREEN LED Building Displays

SAMSUNG LED Display Unit

ABC News LED News Ticker

JVC 720p HD LED Display

All this just goes to show the diverse nature of using LED Lights from the headlights in a taxi cab to marketing information high on the sides of buildings, LED Lighting is truly universal.