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What a fantastic LED light show.
WOW! The LED lighting on the dancers where  fantastic. Almost 400 of the backup dancers wore LED-equipped costumes and
LED RGB strip light.

Thousandsof LED strips where stitched in to the dancers costumes using Velcro, three colors where used red,green and white, and  powered by a 12 volt battery pack which can supply 40watts of power with belt controllers in which the dancers switched through the colour themselves. A great article from Engineering Solutions Inc, explains how the costumes were made in more detail and has some good technical information.

As you may or may not be aware, the Brit Awards took place at London’s O2 Arena last Tuesday night. The star’s of the show were the musicians and the award winners and a spectacular night was put on but do you ever wonder about the lights. Probably not, but here are some examples of where led lighting was used.