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In this industry one of the most asked questions is whats the difference between fibreoptic lighting and led lighting – well here is the short answer…

Fibre Optic Lighting is light produced by glass / plastic fibres, a light source shines at one end of the fibre which produces the light at the other end. Because of the way the fibres are manufactured the light is refracted (total internal refraction) – e.g. bouced in the fibre from one end to the other so no light escapes through the sides of the fibre.







LED Lighting is based on a technology called a Light Emitting Diode which when electrified allows the alignment of electrons to produce light (see wiki article)

So in essence fibre optic lighting can be powered by using led lights to shine into the fibres, but LED Lighting generally has no fibre optic lighting technology in use at all.






This will lead on to our next article which is when to use fibre and when to use led (as youve guessed fibre uses no electric in the light output) meaning it can be used in wet / outdoor areas.