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LED Lighting has a massive range of uses in commercial buildings, 3 of the best uses and how to get the best from your LED lighting based investment are listed:

Lighting Corridors –

For maximum impact and effect we recommend internal led strip lighting, ideally suited to illuminating troughs at  the top of walls.

Most high street banks have well known brand names, to emphasise  these brands big banks like to portray a bold image.

When image is everything LED Lighting must always be considered, using LED Strip Lights or external LED Blocks a good effect can be achieved.

Supermarket chains have come on a bit since the days of a battered corner shop, or an old painted wooded sign outside. Todays modern technology enabled consumer expects to walk into a high tech visual environment to purchase goods and food.  Supermarket chains such as TESCO, ASDA (Walmart) and Sainsburys (UK) are leading the way by installing LED Fixtures and Fittings in new stores where once industrial style sodium lamps where used.


Led stage lighting can be diverse, creative and technologically astounding. The effects that can be created from computer controlled dmx units is amazing. No rock show should be carried out without led lighting

Many rock concerts and festivals take advantage of led lights. Places like the v festival or Glastonbury use. Led lighting to wonderful effect along with lasers and led large format screens. Many of these applications are experimental and eventually filter down to a consumer level. Watch this space as we will be uploading new led based projects to the projects section of our site.


Inspired by others Finnish artist Stefan lindfor has just opened his exhibition entitled ‘light world’s in new York.
His concept is simple whereby each piece has its own integral light source to power a set of led lights. The lights are then tailored to the piece to give lighting and bring soul to the art. We often use this technique here if you look at our led projects page you will see some great examples.
Bravo to Stefan for embracing led.

As we have previously talked about, led street lights are fast becoming a reality, more confirmation of this has become apparant as Philips have begun trials with St. Helens Council (Merseyside, UK) with the aim of converting from sodium based lamps to LED in the future.

More and more people and kitchen installers are opting to use LED Lights to create a crisp clear lighting effect, many of these undercounter and under cabinet lights are simple modular LED units which connect together and are powered by a transformer unit, the modules are usually connected in parallel to provide an equal output from the transformer.

As well as creating great effects using our led products such as:

We also supply and install new and replacement LED Light units, we have a large stock holding and can source or replace older equipment as well as offering new alternative replacements.

Take a look at our LED Projects page to see some of the example work we have carried out, we have great reviews on our LED work!.