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Supermarket chains have come on a bit since the days of a battered corner shop, or an old painted wooded sign outside. Todays modern technology enabled consumer expects to walk into a high tech visual environment to purchase goods and food.  Supermarket chains such as TESCO, ASDA (Walmart) and Sainsburys (UK) are leading the way by installing LED Fixtures and Fittings in new stores where once industrial style sodium lamps where used.

The reasoning behind this is :

LED Light units can be changed/varied in colour temperature depending on the aisle the user is walking down – creating ambience

LED Lighting is more cost effective long term (cheaper running costs  and longer life)

Lighting projection from the LED units provides a more natural constant non-varied waveform.

Aswell as lighting the stores using LED Lamps you will probably notice more and more that special offers are conveyed using LED Ticker style boards and screens, again this is another use of LED in everyday life.

LED Lighting is also used quite often to provide a backlit effect in the signage of the supermarket outside.

Eventually supermarkets will become even more creative and apply lighting at a user – aisle level using effects to highlight offers.