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Have you ever looked around you whilst sat in a restaurant having a meal, chances are you havent noticed the abundance of LED Lamp based solutions that have been used around the restaurant.

We recently installed new LED Strip lighting at a well known ‘lovin it’ chain, the strip lighting was used around the counter close to the kick boards, weve come up with a list of other places you can check yourselves, you will probably be surprised how popular led lighting is…

Walkways and corridors – more often restaurants are using single led lamps housed in chrome holders using greens and blues to light the way.

Room lighting – LED Downlights used here quite often and some fast food chain use Fluorescent Tube LED Replacements.
Wall lighting – look at the bulbs used to light pictures, these are usually left on all day – hey presto LED again.

Toilets – lighting around mirrors, safety signs and cubicles. Lighting the water out of the taps.

Signage to the outside – This is a tricky one to see but back lighting is often led now.

Scene lighting – LED lights lighting up that nice looking sparkling tree.. and again led lights giving that star ceiling effect.