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Everyone wants and dreams of having their own swimming pool in their home, most of us simply don’t have a home big enough or the cash available, but for those that do their is an abundance of lighting solutions available that can maximise the ambiance of that dream pool.

LED Lighting can be used in swimming pools both inside the pool and outside. Outside the pool it can be used to illuminate the edges of the pool utilising Rebel LED or exterior led strip lighting, it can also be used above the pool in recessed ceiling areas to provide a wonderful effect. Add into the mix colour changing led lights and red led lights and you can create a true chillout zone.

Inside the pool special IP rated led lights can be used to illuminate the water and provide unique effects due to the directed light nature of led lights.

Below are some examples of led lights in swimming pools and you will agree the results are magnificent. To view even more led uses and projects click here.