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Across the UK and the US there are thousands of shopping centres and shopping malls, each containing hundreds of large chain retailers and smaller independants all trying to grab your attention.

The use of external signage and lighting has always been the best way to attract potential customers to visit your store. For a long time external signage has been dominated by the neon tube and its flourescent cousin, these two products have seen a vast amount of uses from bars and cafes to commercial and industrial signage both inside and outside buildings.

Time are changing and now the shift is toward more eco friendly led lighting, this can be seen in the following example where MOM the grocer based in the US has converted all its stores to LED Lighting, you can read more here:


Other supermarket chains with shopping centre outlets such as Wallmart / Asda in the UK have also been involved in incentives in the past such as this one listed below to swap old bulb style christmas lights to newer led lights.


Large chains such as Mcdonalds are too getting involved in replacing old backlit signs with new led lit ones:



All in all you will see more and more innovative shop window displays utilising LED Lights and this will only further fuel their development and push the price down.