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When selling vehicles it is apparant that more and more car showrooms are using LED Lighting to their advantage, from the illumination of BMW signage using LED Block modules in showrooms in London to the neon led tubes used at mercedes in manchester. LED Lights produce a bright low cost eco friendly solution to the traditional non design friendly incandescent bulb. LED’s can be bunched together in rope like material and wound around signage to produce startling effects.

Inside car show rooms you see LED being used in ticker tape style LED boards showing the latest offers, they are using in the accent lighting cast from walls, ceilings and floors onto the cars, they are used in the cars for headlights (BMW) and inside for illuminating dash boards and courtesy lighting.

All in all LED is here to stay and as more diverse uses are found it will grow in popularity among car showrooms, many car showrooms will convert their traditional lighting to LED Lighting if not to save costs then to provide the customer with a much more modern and contemporary shopping experience.

For more information on eco green car showrooms – Honda opened one in romford back in 2008, the article is here but you need to register for free to view it: