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Throughout the 2012 Olympics in London, England an array of visual effects and lighting is being used.

Much of the lighting is utilising low power energy efficient LED Lighting, this lighting allows the organisers to produce magnificent highlight and mood lighting throughout the games.

Many of the floodlights in the stadiums used during the games utilise LED Flood lights which can now give comparable power output to their incandescent predecessors.

If you take a look whilst your walking through the streets of london during the games you will notice many of the street lights have been converted to LED Lighting and within sport city you will see water features and statues illuminated with LED Lighting.

Traditional Fibre Optic Lighting is also being used but the fibres are being used to create star ceiling effects in conference centers and along walkways.

Fibreoptic FX  equipment is used extensively throughout the Olympic Games in various guises.