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Blackpool tower has stood proud on the North West’s shorelines since it opened to the public over 100 years ago (14 May 1894). ┬áThe people of that generation would never have though that such a large important building would be at the forefront of todays technological advances.

The tower was originally fitted with thousands of standard incandescent bulbs which sapped over 150000 watts of energy from blackpools grid. This over the years and with the introduction of carbon footprints had made it inviable to continue with that technology.

LED Lights offer energy savings, high power visual output and colour changing abilities. They were of course the natural successor on a project of this size, since it was decided in 2010 that the tower would be upgraded to LED bulbs it has taken years to replace all the bulbs with led modules, the work finally completed last month in march 2013.

The tower can now be programmed to produce light shows which were before un heard of, individual legs of the tower can be lit differently and effects can be applied throughout the whole length of the tower.

We visited the tower recently and were thouroughly impressed with the job that LED lighting has produced.

Below are a couple of snaps of our visit. – Long live blackpool tower!!

Blackpool tower illuminated by LED Light modules

Blackpool tower illuminated by LED Light modules