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Lighting for Your Pool – LED or Fibre Optic?

Written by admin. Comments Off on Lighting for Your Pool – LED or Fibre Optic? Posted in: LED Lighting

It’s a battle that’s probably longer-fought than you realised! All over the world, millions of pool-owners are asking this exact question right now.

As always, much of it comes down to personal preferences. But at the same time, there are certain pros and cons to each type of lighting that should be taken into account.

  1. Simplicity

By simplicity, we mean ease of maintenance. As far as LED bulbs are concerned, many are made to outlive their owners. Or at least, last so long you’ll probably never have to change them. Which is why a lot of LED pool lights don’t actually come with changeable bulbs. With those that do, it’s usually a case of taking the whole housing out of the pool and doing the business. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to drain the pool.

With fibre optic, the lighting unit itself stays out of the water at all times. So it’s right there in front of you when you need to change any bulbs. On the downside, you’ll be looking at way more to change the bulb in a fibre illuminator than an LED, cost-wise.

  1. Costs

In terms of costs, fibre optic lighting units typically cost about twice much as LED – if looking at a similar specification. There’s a fan, a colour wheel and so many more parts to a fibre system, so it’s inevitable that initial costs are going to be higher. And as already touched upon, maintenance costs tend to be lower with LED too. So for the time being, LED is edging ahead.

  1. Brightness

This one’s all in the eye of the beholder – as in exactly how bright you want your pool to be. That said, if you are looking to illuminate the whole thing, LED is probably the way to go. The reason being that fibre optic is more about decorative touches and accents than large-scale practical lighting. It’s not to say you can’t get the job done with fibre if you choose to do so. It’s just that you’ll be in for a bigger job, higher costs and a far more complex lighting system.

  1. Safety

An easy victory for fibre, given the way in which nothing electrical ever goes near the water itself. That said, it’s not as if the average pool LED lighting system is what you’d call dangerous. Still, if looking to tick the safety box above all else, there’s little safer than fibre.

  1. Decoration

Last but not least, it’s pretty much a dead-heat in terms of visual appeal with very little between the two. The effects may be different, but can both be equally attractive. That said, fibre does allow for the creation of far more elaborate and creative feature designs.

And the winner is…

Long story short, it’s LED. When it comes to pool lighting, LED has become the new standard and isn’t giving up its crown anytime soon. Cheap, cost-effective, bold, bright, attractive and easy to take care of, it’s all any pool owner could ever need.

That said, if you’re happy with your lighting and just want to bring something stunning into the equation, fibre could be the way to go. It’s all about whether you’re out for pretty or practical – not that fibre and LED don’t score impressively high in both areas.