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End and Side-Emitting Cable in Fibre Optic Lighting

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f you’re confused about the various types of fibre-optic lighting…well, you’re far from the only one. But it can actually be a pretty simple subject to grasp – at least, in terms of the different types of products available.

When it comes to decorative lighting, the two main categories you’ll come across are end-emitting fibre and side-emitting fibre. The names being a dead giveaway as to what they’re all about, but we’ll get to that a little later.

From homes to businesses to pools to parties, the right fibre optic lighting can make an incredible difference. And whichever way you go, it’s a case of all-choice and zero-compromise. Both carry no heat or electricity whatsoever, allowing them to be used where it might be impossible to position other types of lighting. They’re also borderline unbreakable, making them ideal for heavy-use environments.

It’s simply a case of deciding which works best for you, or perhaps which combination of the two.

End-Emitting Fibre

Fibre optic lighting involves light energy travelling down a tube (or fibre) until such a point when it is released by the tube. These tubes are designed to release the light in numerous ways – one of which being end-emitting. This is essentially where the light is contained within the tube for its entire length, in order to be released in a single direction at the end.

End-emitting cables can be spectacularly eye-catching and are typically used as decorative elements. The list of which is endless – everything from illuminated star maps to intricate underfloor lighting designs to standalone lighting features and right through to creative clothing. Though a small amount of light energy is released through the sides of the tube, the incredibly bright and bold ends attract all the attention.

Side-Emitting Fibre

So chances are you’ve already figured out what it is that side-emitting fibre is all about. Sometimes referred to as side light or glow light devices, side-emitting fibres are exponentially thicker than the hair-slender strands common with end-emitting fibre. They are specifically constructed with insulation that is less effective, so as to let the light energy escape throughout the length of the whole tube.

The result is an impressive visual effect, not dissimilar to that of a neon tube. Nevertheless, a much brighter emanation can be seen from the end of the tube where it is cut, though not nearly as bright at that of end-emitting fibre. In terms of use, side-emitting fibre is popular in the creation or highlighting of defined lines, boundaries and angles. They’re also great for underlighting and feature lighting – for the creation of a warm, inner-glow where the tube itself cannot be seen.

In this latter sense, you could say that side-emitting fibre serves more practical purposes than end-emitting, which is more about creating eye-catching visual accents.