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LED Lighting Tips for the Office

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Make no mistake about it – the way you light your office can and will make a big difference. From work force motivation to visitors’ first impressions to on-going maintenance and energy costs, there’s a fair amount to take into account.

For the most part, LED lighting technology has taken over as the new workplace standard. Safe, reliable and uniquely affordable to operate, there are huge benefits to bringing LED lighting into the office. Nevertheless, you still need to think carefully about how and where you use LED office lighting, in order to produce the best possible result.

Natural Lighting

For example, the number-one rule when it comes to most interior lighting products in general is to follow Mother Nature’s example. Or to put it another way, do your best to recreate the effect of natural light. What this doesn’t mean is allowing the office to be too dark or unnecessarily bright. When it comes to interior lighting, too much of a good thing can have a negative effect. Work strategically with the lighting fixtures you install, in order to create the most natural-feeling environment possible.

Consider Contrasts

That said, it’s worth remembering that not every area of the office needs to be illuminated equally. For example, if there are any specific areas that are used infrequently and do not serve a particularly important purpose, they could be used to create interesting and effective lighting contrasts. Once again, it all comes down to recreating natural lighting – not everything outdoors is illuminated with the same intensity and consistency.

Local Lighting

The key to creating a desirable effect indoors often lies in focusing more on local lighting. Roughly translated – the exact opposite of using just a couple of spectacularly powerful lighting fixtures to light the whole office. It’s worth thinking carefully about the distribution of lighting sources and devices across a wide area. This way, you avoid the rather unpleasant effect of having certain areas of the office blindingly bright and others depressingly dull. Local lighting and feature lighting can be incredibly effective.

Address Glare

LED lighting technology can be incredibly bright and powerful. Just as is the case with the sun outdoors, not the kind of thing you really want to be shining directly into your eyes. For obvious reasons, excessive glare from powerful sources of light can be distracting to say the least. Nevertheless, it remains a common problem across many working environments. Where powerful bulbs or sources of light are used, it’s important to also work with the necessary filters or diffusers.

Take Control

Last but not least, try to remember that it probably isn’t always necessary to have all of the lighting across the entire workplace switched on at exactly the same time. Chances are that more often than not, you may only need to turn specific lights on as and when needed. As such, there’s a lot to be said for ensuring your office lighting systems are connected to their own independent controllers as opposed to there simply being one master switch to turn everything on or off at the same time. Useful in terms of convenience – even better in terms of energy efficiency.