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The Incredible Lifespan of LED Lights

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You really only need to take a quick look at the LED lighting technology on the market today to see just how far things have come. Not just in terms of quality and creativity, but also the way in which LED lighting is now so much more affordable than it has ever been. Beautiful, energy-efficient and suitable for all purposes, LED lighting has become a firm favourite all over the world.

But what really makes LED technology stand out as the lighting option of choice is its unrivalled lifespan.

When compared to conventional light bulbs and most types of traditional lighting, LED bulbs outperform just about everything else out there. LED technology has an approximate energy efficiency that comes in between 80% and 90%. Combined with the fact that LEDs are also incredibly durable and versatile, they’re recognised as the smartest lighting technology the world currently has access to.

The Longest Life

Back on the subject of lifespan, there’s really no comparison between traditional lighting technology and LED lights. One of the things that separates LED technology from other types of lighting is the way in which the bulbs don’t simply ‘burn out’ when they reach the end of their lifespan. Instead, the power they emit reduces over a period of time. As such, LED lights typically continue to operate for many years after their stated lifespan, just at a reduced level.

With a traditional incandescent bulb, active lifespans range from around 700 hours to a maximum of 2,000 hours for the more advanced options. Impressive in the case of the latter, but still not in the same league as even the most affordable LED technology on the market today.

Generally speaking, LED lighting technology has an active lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours. Nevertheless, there are plenty of premium products available that take this well beyond 100,000 hours. As such, this means that if you were using LED lighting technology for 10 hours a day and every day of the week, each LED bulb should still be operational in approximately 14 years’ time.

Which is precisely why experts comprehensively recommend investing in the very best LED lighting technology available. At the time of purchase, it’s true to say that advanced LED lighting products tend to be considerably more expensive than some of their counterparts. But given the fact that they won’t need replacing for way more than a decade, you are still looking at extraordinary value for money.

Not only this, but the overall quality of the LED’s design will also have a direct impact on its performance and energy consumption. Part of the appeal of LED technology is that it costs exponentially less to operate than alternative lighting technology. So once again, the long-term savings attributed to more advanced LED lighting far outweigh the initial savings made by investing in inferior products.

And as already mentioned, the fact that even the most outstanding LED technology on the market is now more affordable than ever makes it something of a no-brainer.