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Why LED Lights Are Better for the Environment

Written by admin. Comments Off on Why LED Lights Are Better for the Environment Posted in: LED Lighting

Most people could and should be doing more to look after the environment. It’s only when everyone plays their part in such causes that any real difference can be made. What’s more, it’s often the smallest of changes that add up to the biggest differences of all.

One example being the use of LED lighting – high-quality, eco-friendly light bulbs that are uniquely environmentally friendly. What are LED lights used for? In short, the extensive and varied benefits of LED lighting make the technology ideal for just about all purposes and situations. But when it comes to the environmental advantages of LED lights, the true appeal of the technology really begins to shine.

Energy Efficiency

For example, one of the most immediate benefits of LED lights is their outstanding energy efficiency. When compared to traditional incandescent and fluorescent lighting, LEDs are around 80% more efficient. Up to 95% of the energy an LED uses is converted into light, with just 5% going to waste as heat. Because of this, they use significantly less power to produce the same amount of light – better for your pocket and better for the environment too.

No Toxic Elements

Another of the advantages of LED lighting in an environmental sense is the absence of toxic elements in their construction. Many types of lighting – fluorescent for example – are made using toxic chemicals and gases. As none of these go into LED lighting at any time, no toxins are released when LED lights are disposed of, damaged or broken. And that’s why LED lights are better for the environment before, during and after use alike.

Less Lights Required

More brightness and reduced power consumption means fewer bulbs are required to light the same area or object. Which in turn means that even when LED lights cost more, you still get unrivalled value for money. Not to mention, make incredible savings along the way in terms of energy consumption. So once again, this adds up to great news for both your pocket and the environment alike.


Why are LED lights better in terms of durability? It all comes down to the simplicity of their design and the fact that they don’t contain any fragile or sensitive parts. More often than not, LED lighting can stand up to the kind of punishment that would reduce a traditional bulb to ashes. High and low temperatures, exposure to moisture and so on – all in a day’s work for high-quality LED lighting.


Last but not least, it’s also worth taking into account the incredible advantages of LED lighting when it comes to lifespan. A typical LED bulb will continue to perform for at least six times longer than a comparable traditional bulb. Which once again means that even when an LED light costs more initially, you still end up with so much more for your money. Fewer replacement bulbs add up to less waste, the requirement for less products to be manufactured, less packaging requirements and less shipping. Which all add up to huge advantages for the environment.