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LED Tube Lights vs Fluorescent Tubes

Written by admin. Comments Off on LED Tube Lights vs Fluorescent Tubes Posted in: LED Lighting

It’s the question asked on a daily basis by homeowners up and down the United Kingdom. Are LED bulbs better than traditional lighting technology? And if so, how exactly are LED lights better than the usual household staples?

As for the answer – irrespective of which interior spaces you’re working on, LED lights for the home can be uniquely beneficial in a variety of ways. So before settling for the first affordable bulbs you come across, bear in mind the following advantages of LED tube lights over and above fluorescent tubes:

LED Bulbs Are More Efficient

How much more energy efficient are LED lights? The short answer is, a lot!  If you have the choice of LED lights or fluorescent tubes for any room of the home, it’s worth bearing in mind that LEDs are typically at least 50% more energy-efficient. Meaning 50% reductions in energy use and the associated costs.

LEDs Provide Directional Light Sources

Another reason why LED lights are better than normal lights – particularly fluorescent tubes – is the way in which they provide a directional source of light. With a traditional fluorescent tube, the light is emitted in a 360-degree pattern around the entire tube. Meaning that much of the light inevitably goes to waste. With LEDs, the light can be focused in any direction or pattern required, ensuring that 100% of the light (and therefore the energy) is put to good use.

LEDs Continue Performing Until their End-Of-Life

Another point to consider when choosing fluorescent tube or LED lighting, the latter can be relied on to provide 100% effective and efficient lighting until its dying day. By contrast, fluorescent lights slowly but surely degrade in quality and capacity pretty much from day one. Meaning that when you compare and contrast the two after perhaps a year or so, you’ll pick up on a noticeable difference in quality.

LED Lighting Can Be 100% Waterproof

When looking to illuminate or decorate interior spaces where moisture is something of an inevitability, LEDs tick all the right boxes. LED lights for the home can be 100% waterproof and uniquely safe to use in environments where traditional lighting technology really wouldn’t be a good idea. From bathrooms to kitchens to garages and even outdoors, waterproof LED lighting can be extraordinarily versatile.

LEDs Outlast Fluorescent Lighting, Every Time

Last but not least, it’s always worth bearing in mind the fact that a high-quality LED will provide you with approximately 50,000 hours of consistent lighting within its lifespan. Meaning that even in instances where LED technology is more expensive than a comparable fluorescent tube, what you gain in terms of overall value for money is so much more. It’s common to view LED lighting as somewhat on the expensive side, but when considered on a long-term basis, it actually has the potential to save the average household a good deal of money.

It’s simply a case of investing in the very best LED lighting in the first place, which of course means shopping with a reliable and reputable retailer!