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Are LED Lights Waterproof?

Written by admin. Comments Off on Are LED Lights Waterproof? Posted in: LED Lighting

LED lights for the home can be advantageous in many ways. One of the biggest benefits of all being the use of LED technology to create fully water proof lighting. From waterproof LED bulbs to spotlights to tape and so on, LED technology can be used around the home where it would be inadvisable (or even impossible) to use conventional bulbs and fixtures. But at the same time, this doesn’t mean that all LED lighting across the board is 100% waterproof.

When looking to put the technology to use in rooms/areas of the home where exposure to moisture is inevitable, it pays to pick up only the highest quality waterproof LED lights from a brand you can trust.

How Are LEDs Waterproof?

It’s possible to make pretty much any LED water proof due to their uniquely simple yet innovative design. Within a high-quality LED, there are very few components and the whole thing can be kept to a minimal size. What’s more, the entire unit can also be flawlessly sealed from outside influences. Meaning that regardless of where you put it to use, LED lights that are waterproof can be trusted in even the most challenging of environments. In instances where traditional lighting technology would be entirely unsuitable, waterproof LED lights represent an ideal alternative.

Where Can Waterproof LED Lighting Be Used?

Technically speaking, waterproof LED lighting can be used absolutely anywhere around the home as required. Nevertheless, it is particularly suitable for rooms of the home where excessive moisture or exposure to water or other liquids is likely/inevitable.

For example, waterproof LED spotlights represent an extremely popular and versatile choice for bathrooms. Waterproof LED tape can also be great for providing feature lighting or decorative lighting in bathrooms and kitchen environments alike. Depending on the specifications and quality of the lighting products chosen, it can also be perfectly possible to use waterproof LED strip and other lighting outdoors. Waterproof LED lights for water features making the ideal choice for those looking to enhance their exteriors with high-quality illumination.

What Are the Benefits of LED Lighting?

Quality LED lighting improves upon traditional lighting standards in just about every way. Along with being uniquely attractive and effective in their illumination capacity, LEDs also require around 70% less energy than comparable traditional bulbs. What’s more, a good LED may last in excess of 50,000 hours, adding up to unbeatable value for money. And of course, the fact that LEDs can be so discreet, versatile and 100% waterproof further enhances the appeal of the technology.

Where Can I Buy Waterproof LED Lights?

Last but not least, there are literally thousands of manufacturers and retailers these days offering all kinds of LED lights. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that all LED technology is of the same quality or value for money. Particularly when it comes to specialist LEDs, including those designed to be waterproof.

If you want to ensure your money goes on LED lighting that’s 100% safe, effective and reliable for the long-term, it’s important to shop with a brand you can trust. While bargain-basement LEDs may be tempting, they often represent a risk that simply isn’t worth taking.