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Why LED Lights Are Best for Aquariums

Written by admin. Comments Off on Why LED Lights Are Best for Aquariums Posted in: LED Lighting

With such an extensive array of options to choose from, what is it about aquarium LED lighting that makes it the best of the bunch? How is it that fish tank LED lighting can outperform the alternative options available in pretty much every way?

Well, while it’s true to say that the highest quality LED aquarium lighting can sometimes be more expensive to pick up in the first place, what you gain in terms of performance and value for money really is on another level.

So if looking to improve and enhance your aquarium like never before, here’s a brief overview of just a few of the unique advantages of LED aquarium lights:

  1. Colour Combinations – With LED fish tank lighting, it is possible to experiment with a quite literally endless array of colour combinations. Meaning that whatever kind of visual effect you are looking for, it is perfectly possible and simple with the very best coloured LED lights for fish tanks. If you haven’t already begun playing with colour, now might be the time to get started!
  2. Dimmable Bulbs – What is also great about LED lights for aquariums is the way in which their brightness and intensity can be adjusted. Which can be particularly effective when using a multitude of lights in different colours, each with its own independent dimmer. Dimming some colours while brightening others really can produce quite spectacular results.
  3. Grow Your Corals Under LEDs – That’s right – corals can thrive under LED lights! What’s more, there’s nothing like the intense and colourful light emitted from aquarium LEDs to make the colours of your corals ‘pop’ like never before. Using the very best waterproof LED lights for fish tanks can transform any aquarium into the kind of visual masterpiece that’s no less than breathtaking to look at.
  4. Enhance the Colours On Your Fish – And it’s exactly the same case with your fish, too. The right LEDs can enhance the natural colours on the fish in your tank to an extent you might not have believed possible. It’s simply a case of selecting the most appropriate colours, positions and intensities to make it happen – get in touch for more advice.
  5. Control Your Tank’s Temperature – Keeping an aquarium’s temperature at the ideal level on an on-going basis can be something of a balancing act. Especially when using the kinds of lights that give off just as much heat as they do illumination. With LED fish tank lights, little to no heat is emitted whatsoever, making it far easier to keep the temperature of your tank balanced and under control.
  6. Count the Savings – Last but not least, not only do fish tank LEDs have the potential to last for more than 50,000 hours, but they can also reduce energy consumption by as much as 90%. Meaning that as time passes, you stand to make the kinds of savings that would otherwise have been wholly impossible with any other types of aquarium lighting.