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How Does Strip LED Lighting Work?

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Up and down the UK, households and businesses alike are beginning to incorporate LED strip lighting for a variety of purposes. From basic illumination to decorative features to health and safety improvements, LED strip lights have an infinite range of potential applications.

So for the benefit of anyone looking to learn a little more about LED lighting technology, what follows is a brief overview of just a few commonly asked questions and their respective answers:

How Do LED Strip Lights Work?

LED strip lighting is made up of a slender and flexible circuit board to which the LEDs are mounted on the surface. More often than not, an adhesive coating or layer of tape is placed on the back of the strip for easy installation. When an electrical current is passed through this long and thin circuit board, the LED illuminate accordingly.

In terms of colours, intensity, quantity of LEDs and so on, LED lighting strips vary significantly from one product to the next. Nevertheless, the basic principles with regard to how they function remain the same.

Do LED Strip Lights Get Hot?             

This largely depends on the quality of the LED strips in question. Buying the very best LED lighting technology on the market means investing in the kinds of LEDs that remain cool to the touch at all times. Hence also being the safest and most energy-efficient LEDs money can buy. At the opposite end of the market, substandard LED strip lights have the potential to become much hotter with prolonged use.

It’s therefore advisable to consider the quality of the LEDs you choose very carefully.

How Long Do LED Strip Lights Last? 

As is the case with LED lighting fixtures and features in general, high-quality LED strip lights have the potential to last as long as 50,000 hours.  Meaning that even when the initial purchase price of premium LED strip lighting may be high, value for money comes guaranteed.

In most instances, LED represents the kind of lighting technology that continues functioning flawlessly for many years, often decades on end.

How Do I Connect LED Strip Lights?    

LED lighting strips typically need to be connected to a 12v or 24v power supply, which in turn means installing a constant Voltage LED driver to step mains AC voltage down to 12/24V DC. The good news being that this doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive – nor will you need to install any complex fixture to house, support or power your LED lights.

Do LED Strip Lights Need A Driver? 

Yes, unless you already have a fully compatible power supply up and running in your home.

If you haven’t already experimented with strip LED lights around the home, the office or anywhere else for that matter, we’d highly advise getting started right now.

Should you need any further information on buying, installing or powering LED strip lights, our customer service team is standing by to take your call.