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Category Archives: fibre optic lighting installation

Looking to create that great twinkling star effect in your bedroom, if the answer is yes then you will be well advised to get a hold of one of our DIY star ceiling kits.

Our great kits can be used on any size and shape of ceiling ensuring you have that wonderful nighttime star effect.

Wow! What a weekend! Just got back from a very colorful display of  lights in London, from stepping of the tube and looking up at the digital billboard at Piccadilly circus, it was fantastic. Never have i seen a billboard just like it, could not take my eyes of it. Then heading of to Haymarket to find the bright lights of Tiger Tiger lounge.There where LED signs at the entrance, strip lights and more LEDS  inside,as well as neon and fibre optic lighting everywhere you looked. It was so grand.

What fascinates me most about fibre optic lights is not there unusual and beautiful designs, its there application in walks of life I would never have thought they could have been in.

The light source is located a distance away from the actual emission of light seen in fibre optics, and one lamp can supply many points of light. This means the heat given off is greatly reduced compared to normal incandescent lights. As well as this being more convenient in many situations, a reduced heat output is also much safer, especially when used to illuminate swimming pools and spas!

What a fantastic LED light show.
WOW! The LED lighting on the dancers where  fantastic. Almost 400 of the backup dancers wore LED-equipped costumes and
LED RGB strip light.

Thousandsof LED strips where stitched in to the dancers costumes using Velcro, three colors where used red,green and white, and  powered by a 12 volt battery pack which can supply 40watts of power with belt controllers in which the dancers switched through the colour themselves. A great article from Engineering Solutions Inc, explains how the costumes were made in more detail and has some good technical information.

For the Blu-Ray release of avatar fibreopticfx where commissioned to produce europes largest fibre optic lighting installation, the unique tree of souls stood over 25 foot tall and utilised over 20 miles of fibre optic lighting cable.  The fibre optics where hooked up to a sound to light machine allowing the fibres to glow and change colour using fibre optic light engines.