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End and Side-Emitting Cable in Fibre Optic Lighting

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f you’re confused about the various types of fibre-optic lighting…well, you’re far from the only one. But it can actually be a pretty simple subject to grasp – at least, in terms of the different types of products available.

When it comes to decorative lighting, the two main categories you’ll come across are end-emitting fibre and side-emitting fibre. The names being a dead giveaway as to what they’re all about, but we’ll get to that a little later.

Looking to create that great twinkling star effect in your bedroom, if the answer is yes then you will be well advised to get a hold of one of our DIY star ceiling kits.

Our great kits can be used on any size and shape of ceiling ensuring you have that wonderful nighttime star effect.


When dealing with lighting you often have to take a creative approach to visual effects but at the same time do the job within budget, adhere to regulations and bring the project in on time. This can be a difficult trade off when trying to create something visually perfect. That’s where our vast knowledge and double figures years if experience kick in… we like to try new things and one of our clients requested side emitting fibre to run outdoors illuminating the pathways of the hotel. We came up with a twisted set of cables platted together with 3 light engines. The effect was as if light energy was flowing alongside the pathways. Fibre optic lighting truly is very versatile. This effect could not have been created with led lighting.

LED Lighting definately is the future – well thats what katy perry thinks here wearing an led lit costume, it seems to use led strip lights sewn onto her outfit, this is probably due to their low voltage nature – the question is where has she put the battery pack!!.

In this industry one of the most asked questions is whats the difference between fibreoptic lighting and led lighting – well here is the short answer…

Fibre Optic Lighting is light produced by glass / plastic fibres, a light source shines at one end of the fibre which produces the light at the other end. Because of the way the fibres are manufactured the light is refracted (total internal refraction) – e.g. bouced in the fibre from one end to the other so no light escapes through the sides of the fibre.

What a fantastic LED light show.
WOW! The LED lighting on the dancers where  fantastic. Almost 400 of the backup dancers wore LED-equipped costumes and
LED RGB strip light.

Thousandsof LED strips where stitched in to the dancers costumes using Velcro, three colors where used red,green and white, and  powered by a 12 volt battery pack which can supply 40watts of power with belt controllers in which the dancers switched through the colour themselves. A great article from Engineering Solutions Inc, explains how the costumes were made in more detail and has some good technical information.