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Are LED Lights Waterproof?

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LED lights for the home can be advantageous in many ways. One of the biggest benefits of all being the use of LED technology to create fully water proof lighting. From waterproof LED bulbs to spotlights to tape and so on, LED technology can be used around the home where it would be inadvisable (or even impossible) to use conventional bulbs and fixtures. But at the same time, this doesn’t mean that all LED lighting across the board is 100% waterproof.


LED Tube Lights vs Fluorescent Tubes

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It’s the question asked on a daily basis by homeowners up and down the United Kingdom. Are LED bulbs better than traditional lighting technology? And if so, how exactly are LED lights better than the usual household staples?

As for the answer – irrespective of which interior spaces you’re working on, LED lights for the home can be uniquely beneficial in a variety of ways. So before settling for the first affordable bulbs you come across, bear in mind the following advantages of LED tube lights over and above fluorescent tubes:


Why Choose Energy Star LED Lighting?

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All over the world, Energy Star LED lighting has become the gold standard for those in the know. It’s no secret that LEDs represent the most energy efficient lighting to hit the market to date, but Energy Star LED lights take things an important step further.


How do Low-Quality and High-Quality LED Lights Differ?

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Are all LED lights energy efficient on the same level? What’s the difference between a high-quality LED and lower-grade technology?

The answers – all LEDs are certainly not equally energy efficient and the differences from one LED to the next can be enormous.


5 Important Reasons To Be Energy Efficient

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Energy efficiency means getting the same job done while using less energy. Why do we need to save energy? In short, it comes down to our collective responsibility to look after the environment – both for the world today and for future generations.

Why Is Energy Efficiency Important?


Why LED Lights Are Better for the Environment

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Most people could and should be doing more to look after the environment. It’s only when everyone plays their part in such causes that any real difference can be made. What’s more, it’s often the smallest of changes that add up to the biggest differences of all.


The Incredible Lifespan of LED Lights

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You really only need to take a quick look at the LED lighting technology on the market today to see just how far things have come. Not just in terms of quality and creativity, but also the way in which LED lighting is now so much more affordable than it has ever been. Beautiful, energy-efficient and suitable for all purposes, LED lighting has become a firm favourite all over the world.


LED Lighting Tips for the Office

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Make no mistake about it – the way you light your office can and will make a big difference. From work force motivation to visitors’ first impressions to on-going maintenance and energy costs, there’s a fair amount to take into account.

For the most part, LED lighting technology has taken over as the new workplace standard. Safe, reliable and uniquely affordable to operate, there are huge benefits to bringing LED lighting into the office. Nevertheless, you still need to think carefully about how and where you use LED office lighting, in order to produce the best possible result.


Lighting for Your Pool – LED or Fibre Optic?

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It’s a battle that’s probably longer-fought than you realised! All over the world, millions of pool-owners are asking this exact question right now.

As always, much of it comes down to personal preferences. But at the same time, there are certain pros and cons to each type of lighting that should be taken into account.


LED Lighting Solutions for the Modern Home

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As well as being powerful and affordable to run, offering 90% savings when compared to traditional bulbs, LED lights can survive up to several thousand hours longer, compared to the single thousand hours offered by their more conventional counterparts.

Blackpool tower has stood proud on the North West’s shorelines since it opened to the public over 100 years ago (14 May 1894).  The people of that generation would never have though that such a large important building would be at the forefront of todays technological advances.

Artwork has always been the kind of thing that has to be shown to be appreciated. Simply hanging a painting on a wall is not enough, or ‘plonking’ a sculpture in a garden simply does not work as it should…

Here is where lighting and ambient lighting come to the rescue and in turn this introduces us to the benefits of LED Lighting.

It looks as though hotels are catching on fast to the ambient effects that can be achieved with LED Lighting as well as the cost saving benefits, the following article:

http://www.spicenews.com.au/2013/04/08/article/Mercure-Brisbane-unveils-new-look/RDWLNOOXKW.html details how Mercure in australia have used LED Mirror lights in their guest rooms, something which you can not do with traditional lighting, every day LED Lights are being used to replace or improve on products such as these, we too research and develop innovative LED Light products allowing this kind of product to exist.

If you have ever seen children riding on bicycles then the chances are you have probably seen the inner tube bicyle tyre caps. Standard caps are usually plastic and black or blue coloured, but with everything in todays world these can be changed for something more fun!

Sailing the seven seas disneys cruiseliners look magnificent, the fleet of cruise ships have all started to adopt LED Lighting in various areas on board – at christmas time a 20,000 led lit tree is used to illuminate the atrium of the Disney Dream. Solar powered LED Lights are being used to save on energy and become more green.

Looking to create that great twinkling star effect in your bedroom, if the answer is yes then you will be well advised to get a hold of one of our DIY star ceiling kits.

Our great kits can be used on any size and shape of ceiling ensuring you have that wonderful nighttime star effect.


LED Technology in use by NASA

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Having read a very interesting article recently about how NASA is implementing LED Light technology in the International Space Station to cue the astronauts bodies into daylight routines it just goes to show the diverse nature of led lighting and again its choice over other lighting was its massive bulb lifespan.

LED Lighting is no longer the ultra expensive lighting option for architects and specifiers who spec out the materials to use in the shops and shopping centres we visit every day. In fact LED Lighting is fast becoming the preferred choice with long term cost savings and lower environmental and CO2 impact.

Throughout the 2012 Olympics in London, England an array of visual effects and lighting is being used.

Much of the lighting is utilising low power energy efficient LED Lighting, this lighting allows the organisers to produce magnificent highlight and mood lighting throughout the games.

New York – Times Square is one of the maternal homes of bright lights and entertainment, it wont come as any surprise to see the vast amount of standard lighting has now been converted to high efficiency, low energy LED Lamps and LED Lights.

Some examples of excellent uses of external LED Lighting are shown below, sinatra himself would have been proud!.

When selling vehicles it is apparant that more and more car showrooms are using LED Lighting to their advantage, from the illumination of BMW signage using LED Block modules in showrooms in London to the neon led tubes used at mercedes in manchester. LED Lights produce a bright low cost eco friendly solution to the traditional non design friendly incandescent bulb. LED’s can be bunched together in rope like material and wound around signage to produce startling effects.

Across the UK and the US there are thousands of shopping centres and shopping malls, each containing hundreds of large chain retailers and smaller independants all trying to grab your attention.

The use of external signage and lighting has always been the best way to attract potential customers to visit your store. For a long time external signage has been dominated by the neon tube and its flourescent cousin, these two products have seen a vast amount of uses from bars and cafes to commercial and industrial signage both inside and outside buildings.

Everyone wants and dreams of having their own swimming pool in their home, most of us simply don’t have a home big enough or the cash available, but for those that do their is an abundance of lighting solutions available that can maximise the ambiance of that dream pool.

Have you ever looked around you whilst sat in a restaurant having a meal, chances are you havent noticed the abundance of LED Lamp based solutions that have been used around the restaurant.

We recently installed new LED Strip lighting at a well known ‘lovin it’ chain, the strip lighting was used around the counter close to the kick boards, weve come up with a list of other places you can check yourselves, you will probably be surprised how popular led lighting is…

Prestigious boat builders Jeanneau / Beneteau have started using LED Down lights on the interior of their 34ft yacht the 33i sun odyssey, the 2012 model which is now in a brown trim rather than blue boasts the new style lighting which allows for setting the mood as the individual LED Lights can be switched on or off independantly or as part of a group.