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Category Archives: LED Lighting

Across the UK and the US there are thousands of shopping centres and shopping malls, each containing hundreds of large chain retailers and smaller independants all trying to grab your attention.

The use of external signage and lighting has always been the best way to attract potential customers to visit your store. For a long time external signage has been dominated by the neon tube and its flourescent cousin, these two products have seen a vast amount of uses from bars and cafes to commercial and industrial signage both inside and outside buildings.

Everyone wants and dreams of having their own swimming pool in their home, most of us simply don’t have a home big enough or the cash available, but for those that do their is an abundance of lighting solutions available that can maximise the ambiance of that dream pool.

Have you ever looked around you whilst sat in a restaurant having a meal, chances are you havent noticed the abundance of LED Lamp based solutions that have been used around the restaurant.

We recently installed new LED Strip lighting at a well known ‘lovin it’ chain, the strip lighting was used around the counter close to the kick boards, weve come up with a list of other places you can check yourselves, you will probably be surprised how popular led lighting is…

Prestigious boat builders Jeanneau / Beneteau have started using LED Down lights on the interior of their 34ft yacht the 33i sun odyssey, the 2012 model which is now in a brown trim rather than blue boasts the new style lighting which allows for setting the mood as the individual LED Lights can be switched on or off independantly or as part of a group.

LED Lighting is versatile, it can be used in any situation, both commercial and personal, both outdoor and indoor, but one of its hidden features is its versatility, LED Lights can be placed together on strips to create strip lighting, this can contain different colours of LED to produce a specific mood.

Already the countdown has begun to the 2012 olympic games and we have been watching from a lighting point of view, it looks like LED Lights are going to have some really unique and creative uses at the games. We have begun to monitor and check what innovative LED Lighting ideas are out there, here are a few of the uses of LED Lighting at the Olympics we have found:

LED Lighting has a massive range of uses in commercial buildings, 3 of the best uses and how to get the best from your LED lighting based investment are listed:

Lighting Corridors –

For maximum impact and effect we recommend internal led strip lighting, ideally suited to illuminating troughs at  the top of walls.

Most high street banks have well known brand names, to emphasise  these brands big banks like to portray a bold image.

When image is everything LED Lighting must always be considered, using LED Strip Lights or external LED Blocks a good effect can be achieved.

Supermarket chains have come on a bit since the days of a battered corner shop, or an old painted wooded sign outside. Todays modern technology enabled consumer expects to walk into a high tech visual environment to purchase goods and food.  Supermarket chains such as TESCO, ASDA (Walmart) and Sainsburys (UK) are leading the way by installing LED Fixtures and Fittings in new stores where once industrial style sodium lamps where used.


Led stage lighting can be diverse, creative and technologically astounding. The effects that can be created from computer controlled dmx units is amazing. No rock show should be carried out without led lighting

Many rock concerts and festivals take advantage of led lights. Places like the v festival or Glastonbury use. Led lighting to wonderful effect along with lasers and led large format screens. Many of these applications are experimental and eventually filter down to a consumer level. Watch this space as we will be uploading new led based projects to the projects section of our site.


Inspired by others Finnish artist Stefan lindfor has just opened his exhibition entitled ‘light world’s in new York.
His concept is simple whereby each piece has its own integral light source to power a set of led lights. The lights are then tailored to the piece to give lighting and bring soul to the art. We often use this technique here if you look at our led projects page you will see some great examples.
Bravo to Stefan for embracing led.

As we have previously talked about, led street lights are fast becoming a reality, more confirmation of this has become apparant as Philips have begun trials with St. Helens Council (Merseyside, UK) with the aim of converting from sodium based lamps to LED in the future.

More and more people and kitchen installers are opting to use LED Lights to create a crisp clear lighting effect, many of these undercounter and under cabinet lights are simple modular LED units which connect together and are powered by a transformer unit, the modules are usually connected in parallel to provide an equal output from the transformer.

As well as creating great effects using our led products such as:

We also supply and install new and replacement LED Light units, we have a large stock holding and can source or replace older equipment as well as offering new alternative replacements.

Take a look at our LED Projects page to see some of the example work we have carried out, we have great reviews on our LED work!.



Imagine the scenario. You are trapped in a burning building or stuck in a lift or can’t find your way on a dark road. All around you are signs and safety lights. These are more than often made up from IP rated led lamps. The versatile and low power consumption of these led spot lighting make it ideal for the safety market.
Quite popular amongst these are led emergency exit signs. These are often built to diverse bespoke customer specs.



Gone are the days of boring shop displays with their one dimensional flattness and their dulled colours, also gone are the days of incandescent bulb lit window displays … move over for the led super window displays and signs. Take a boring old display and add on some led rope cable around the edges and it instantly creates a professional mood led lighting effect. Don’t take our word for it – look through the sample  below.


Most aquariums (usually tropical tank setups) utilize fluorescent tubes such as T8 or T5 types in various length and usually in pairs. The tubes come in various wattage and colors such as natural daylight, moonlight blue and marine white. The main problem with fluorescent tubes is they rapidly lose their lighting output over time as they burn out, this means it can be expensive to keep a well lit aquarium.
LED lights have excellent power output, luminosity and lifespan… and in comparison are very cost effective.
Installation requires removal of the existing fluorescent tubes and starter circuitry,replacing it with led strip lighting connected to an external power supply.
Because of the naturevof using led lamps you create a different underwater effect as the light penetrates deeper into the water and is more focal.
We can install led lighting In any environment including led lighting for fish tanks.

The beauty about LED lights are their versatility, because they are low power you only need small sized batteries to power a large array of led lit devices, from battery powered led christmas lights to battery powered led fairy lights and small torches. LED lights truly are very versatile and offer a high life span in comparison to standard bulbs.
Some examples are shown below:



Led lighting and the technology in general is now seeing a massive growth in the automotive industry with players such as Volkswagen, Audi and Ford all embracing led for its high lumens output versus low power consumption. It’s still at a relatively early stage with the higher end executive and sports models getting the technology, but over time this will change.
Some examples are shown below:

LED Lighting is all around and is taking new forms and displacing old technologies all the time. We have picked up on a rapidly growing trend of using LED Light units for street lighting, this move is considered to be more environmentally friendly due to the lower power consumption and higher light output of the LED Lamps over older technology. A bit of background can be found here: Wiki article.

Easter is almost upon us again and the vast majority of religious people will have candles in the house, candles look good but are an obvious fire hazard, so continuing our theme of where you can find led we bring you the LED Candle, this little device suckers onto your window for a safe easter candle effect with no burns, a simple remote control can control the candle. Hey presto a lovely easter with a safe LED Candle, the LED Lamps used are 0.5W ultra white, you can also get a flicker effect burnt amber led for that added effect.

In this industry one of the most asked questions is whats the difference between fibreoptic lighting and led lighting – well here is the short answer…

Fibre Optic Lighting is light produced by glass / plastic fibres, a light source shines at one end of the fibre which produces the light at the other end. Because of the way the fibres are manufactured the light is refracted (total internal refraction) – e.g. bouced in the fibre from one end to the other so no light escapes through the sides of the fibre.


In today’s world safety is paramount and the best place to see this is at the airport or on a aeroplane. Safety lighting and emergency led lighting is now being used on planes because of led light flexible usage and wide range of applications. For example emergency lighting on aircraft can now be embedded into the ceiling aswell as the flooring and with a reduced power drain and brighter light led lighting is perfect as emergency lighting.


Led lamp units are taking a strong grasp of the once ‘only halogen’ consumer market. Most new installations of lighting units which would have been halogen are now using 1watt and 3watt led lamp replacements.

This shift into the marketplace means more demand on the far eastlamps manufacturers of the led units and a projected reduction in cost of over 50% over the next 2 years.

LED Lighting is best used when its put to its full effect, this can be seen here where fibre optic fx produced a magnificent LED Lighting Effect using RGB Silicone Flex LED, the effect really putys the spa at this hotel into a real chill out mood.

LED Lighting is all around us and if you look carefully you will be surprised at the applications, for LED Lighting projects you really need to contact us as we can cater for any need – and best of all with LED Lighting you wont be disappointed!