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Trying to save a little money.

LED lighting will save you  money.  The efficiency of an average light bulb is 20%, resulting in 80% of the energy supplied that your paying for, being lost as heat.  Compare this with LED lighting, which has an efficiency of 80% and therefore requires much less energy to run.  LED’s also last around twice as long as a incandescent light bulb, meaning that they will need replacing half as much, again saving money!  Even when you do have to replace your LED’s, they are so lightweight and portable (compared to standard light bulbs) that manual costs are much less, which could be significant if you have many lights to replace, and if you have a electrician charging you for instance  £30 an hour to go round and replace lamps you don’t want him or her  there all day. Indeed it has to be the way forward as it wont  be long before they stop producing  incandescent light bulbs then we will all have to change our ways, moving on to either low energy lamps or better still LED lamps which produce more light and look great.