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It looks as though hotels are catching on fast to the ambient effects that can be achieved with LED Lighting as well as the cost saving benefits, the following article:

http://www.spicenews.com.au/2013/04/08/article/Mercure-Brisbane-unveils-new-look/RDWLNOOXKW.html details how Mercure in australia have used LED Mirror lights in their guest rooms, something which you can not do with traditional lighting, every day LED Lights are being used to replace or improve on products such as these, we too research and develop innovative LED Light products allowing this kind of product to exist.


When dealing with lighting you often have to take a creative approach to visual effects but at the same time do the job within budget, adhere to regulations and bring the project in on time. This can be a difficult trade off when trying to create something visually perfect. That’s where our vast knowledge and double figures years if experience kick in… we like to try new things and one of our clients requested side emitting fibre to run outdoors illuminating the pathways of the hotel. We came up with a twisted set of cables platted together with 3 light engines. The effect was as if light energy was flowing alongside the pathways. Fibre optic lighting truly is very versatile. This effect could not have been created with led lighting.

LED Lighting is best used when its put to its full effect, this can be seen here where fibre optic fx produced a magnificent LED Lighting Effect using RGB Silicone Flex LED, the effect really putys the spa at this hotel into a real chill out mood.

LED Lighting is all around us and if you look carefully you will be surprised at the applications, for LED Lighting projects you really need to contact us as we can cater for any need – and best of all with LED Lighting you wont be disappointed!