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Blackpool tower has stood proud on the North West’s shorelines since it opened to the public over 100 years ago (14 May 1894).  The people of that generation would never have though that such a large important building would be at the forefront of todays technological advances.

It looks as though hotels are catching on fast to the ambient effects that can be achieved with LED Lighting as well as the cost saving benefits, the following article:

http://www.spicenews.com.au/2013/04/08/article/Mercure-Brisbane-unveils-new-look/RDWLNOOXKW.html details how Mercure in australia have used LED Mirror lights in their guest rooms, something which you can not do with traditional lighting, every day LED Lights are being used to replace or improve on products such as these, we too research and develop innovative LED Light products allowing this kind of product to exist.

Sailing the seven seas disneys cruiseliners look magnificent, the fleet of cruise ships have all started to adopt LED Lighting in various areas on board – at christmas time a 20,000 led lit tree is used to illuminate the atrium of the Disney Dream. Solar powered LED Lights are being used to save on energy and become more green.


LED Technology in use by NASA

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Having read a very interesting article recently about how NASA is implementing LED Light technology in the International Space Station to cue the astronauts bodies into daylight routines it just goes to show the diverse nature of led lighting and again its choice over other lighting was its massive bulb lifespan.

LED Lighting is no longer the ultra expensive lighting option for architects and specifiers who spec out the materials to use in the shops and shopping centres we visit every day. In fact LED Lighting is fast becoming the preferred choice with long term cost savings and lower environmental and CO2 impact.

Throughout the 2012 Olympics in London, England an array of visual effects and lighting is being used.

Much of the lighting is utilising low power energy efficient LED Lighting, this lighting allows the organisers to produce magnificent highlight and mood lighting throughout the games.

New York – Times Square is one of the maternal homes of bright lights and entertainment, it wont come as any surprise to see the vast amount of standard lighting has now been converted to high efficiency, low energy LED Lamps and LED Lights.

Some examples of excellent uses of external LED Lighting are shown below, sinatra himself would have been proud!.

Across the UK and the US there are thousands of shopping centres and shopping malls, each containing hundreds of large chain retailers and smaller independants all trying to grab your attention.

The use of external signage and lighting has always been the best way to attract potential customers to visit your store. For a long time external signage has been dominated by the neon tube and its flourescent cousin, these two products have seen a vast amount of uses from bars and cafes to commercial and industrial signage both inside and outside buildings.

Already the countdown has begun to the 2012 olympic games and we have been watching from a lighting point of view, it looks like LED Lights are going to have some really unique and creative uses at the games. We have begun to monitor and check what innovative LED Lighting ideas are out there, here are a few of the uses of LED Lighting at the Olympics we have found:

LED Lighting has a massive range of uses in commercial buildings, 3 of the best uses and how to get the best from your LED lighting based investment are listed:

Lighting Corridors –

For maximum impact and effect we recommend internal led strip lighting, ideally suited to illuminating troughs at  the top of walls.


Led stage lighting can be diverse, creative and technologically astounding. The effects that can be created from computer controlled dmx units is amazing. No rock show should be carried out without led lighting

Many rock concerts and festivals take advantage of led lights. Places like the v festival or Glastonbury use. Led lighting to wonderful effect along with lasers and led large format screens. Many of these applications are experimental and eventually filter down to a consumer level. Watch this space as we will be uploading new led based projects to the projects section of our site.



Gone are the days of boring shop displays with their one dimensional flattness and their dulled colours, also gone are the days of incandescent bulb lit window displays … move over for the led super window displays and signs. Take a boring old display and add on some led rope cable around the edges and it instantly creates a professional mood led lighting effect. Don’t take our word for it – look through the sample  below.


Most aquariums (usually tropical tank setups) utilize fluorescent tubes such as T8 or T5 types in various length and usually in pairs. The tubes come in various wattage and colors such as natural daylight, moonlight blue and marine white. The main problem with fluorescent tubes is they rapidly lose their lighting output over time as they burn out, this means it can be expensive to keep a well lit aquarium.
LED lights have excellent power output, luminosity and lifespan… and in comparison are very cost effective.
Installation requires removal of the existing fluorescent tubes and starter circuitry,replacing it with led strip lighting connected to an external power supply.
Because of the naturevof using led lamps you create a different underwater effect as the light penetrates deeper into the water and is more focal.
We can install led lighting In any environment including led lighting for fish tanks.

LED Lighting is all around and is taking new forms and displacing old technologies all the time. We have picked up on a rapidly growing trend of using LED Light units for street lighting, this move is considered to be more environmentally friendly due to the lower power consumption and higher light output of the LED Lamps over older technology. A bit of background can be found here: Wiki article.

Easter is almost upon us again and the vast majority of religious people will have candles in the house, candles look good but are an obvious fire hazard, so continuing our theme of where you can find led we bring you the LED Candle, this little device suckers onto your window for a safe easter candle effect with no burns, a simple remote control can control the candle. Hey presto a lovely easter with a safe LED Candle, the LED Lamps used are 0.5W ultra white, you can also get a flicker effect burnt amber led for that added effect.

In this industry one of the most asked questions is whats the difference between fibreoptic lighting and led lighting – well here is the short answer…

Fibre Optic Lighting is light produced by glass / plastic fibres, a light source shines at one end of the fibre which produces the light at the other end. Because of the way the fibres are manufactured the light is refracted (total internal refraction) – e.g. bouced in the fibre from one end to the other so no light escapes through the sides of the fibre.


In today’s world safety is paramount and the best place to see this is at the airport or on a aeroplane. Safety lighting and emergency led lighting is now being used on planes because of led light flexible usage and wide range of applications. For example emergency lighting on aircraft can now be embedded into the ceiling aswell as the flooring and with a reduced power drain and brighter light led lighting is perfect as emergency lighting.


Led lamp units are taking a strong grasp of the once ‘only halogen’ consumer market. Most new installations of lighting units which would have been halogen are now using 1watt and 3watt led lamp replacements.

This shift into the marketplace means more demand on the far eastlamps manufacturers of the led units and a projected reduction in cost of over 50% over the next 2 years.

LED Lighting is best used when its put to its full effect, this can be seen here where fibre optic fx produced a magnificent LED Lighting Effect using RGB Silicone Flex LED, the effect really putys the spa at this hotel into a real chill out mood.

LED Lighting is all around us and if you look carefully you will be surprised at the applications, for LED Lighting projects you really need to contact us as we can cater for any need – and best of all with LED Lighting you wont be disappointed!

LED lighting is all around us and is becoming that common that its often taken for granted, from lighting in homes to lighting in businesses LED is definately the way to go, an initial higher cost but up to 10 times the life of traditional  halogen puts this technology at the forefront of future design projects. Weve found an unusual application of LED lighting and would like to share it with you!

The LED lighting in the shop window at the new JD sports at The Mall Blackburn looked fantastic as i walked passed today. They where very eye catching and I’m sure they will draw in the customers, it would be great for more shops to add them to their window display. LED display lighting  really looks good, very bright and cheaper to run than conventional display lamps. 

Trying to save a little money.

LED lighting will save you  money.  The efficiency of an average light bulb is 20%, resulting in 80% of the energy supplied that your paying for, being lost as heat.  Compare this with LED lighting, which has an efficiency of 80% and therefore requires much less energy to run.  LED’s also last around twice as long as a incandescent light bulb, meaning that they will need replacing half as much, again saving money!  Even when you do have to replace your LED’s, they are so lightweight and portable (compared to standard light bulbs) that manual costs are much less, which could be significant if you have many lights to replace, and if you have a electrician charging you for instance  £30 an hour to go round and replace lamps you don’t want him or her  there all day. Indeed it has to be the way forward as it wont  be long before they stop producing  incandescent light bulbs then we will all have to change our ways, moving on to either low energy lamps or better still LED lamps which produce more light and look great.

What a fantastic LED light show.
WOW! The LED lighting on the dancers where  fantastic. Almost 400 of the backup dancers wore LED-equipped costumes and
LED RGB strip light.

Thousandsof LED strips where stitched in to the dancers costumes using Velcro, three colors where used red,green and white, and  powered by a 12 volt battery pack which can supply 40watts of power with belt controllers in which the dancers switched through the colour themselves. A great article from Engineering Solutions Inc, explains how the costumes were made in more detail and has some good technical information.

As you may or may not be aware, the Brit Awards took place at London’s O2 Arena last Tuesday night. The star’s of the show were the musicians and the award winners and a spectacular night was put on but do you ever wonder about the lights. Probably not, but here are some examples of where led lighting was used.

With a new year just begun maybe it’s time we all made a change. With the prices of everything going up and people talking about doom and gloom there is one way which you can cut your bills. Led lighting.

Weighing cost and light quality, LEDs are worth considering right now for downlights and worth keeping an eye on if you have a lot of incandescent bulbs. If you already have a lot of CFLs in places like desktop lamps, don’t expect a quick payback by switching over. But LEDs offer some other advantages, notably longer life.