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Fibre Optic Lighting

As the company name suggests fibre optic lights has always played a big part in our range and we specialise in the use of PMMA acrylic fibre although glass alternatives are also available.

This specialised form of lights gives flexibility to a range of applications whether it be for decorative or practical purposes, especially were heat, electricity, ultraviolet rays or energy efficiency are a concern.

A full range of accessories to compliment our fibre optic lights is also available including end fittings, garden fittings, stair nosings, cloths and carpets. We even supply a full kit to turn your ceiling into a night star scene - our star ceiling kit.

Fibre optic lights contain no heat or electricity making them totally safe and suitable for use in water, ice and extreme weather conditions. Fibre optic lights can also provide the only true maintenance free form of lights as the only servicable part is the Light Engine which can be situated remotely away from the actual installation therefore making it ideal for high ceilings, tall buildings and behind sealed objects.

To see our past fibre optic lighting work and case studies for inspiration or reference please follow this link...


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Our Fibre Optic Lighting Products

You can view the type of Fibre Optic Lighting products we supply below:

LED Lighting as an alternative to Fibre Optic Lighting

If your interested in an alternative to some of our fibre optic lighting products we have a large range of LED Lighting Solutions that provide excellent cost savings and eco economy. More information on these products can be found here.