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Commercial LED Lighting

Cheap to run, easy to install and exceptionally bright and powerful, LED lighting is incredibly popular and more commonplace than ever before.


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Light Up Your Shop With Commercial LED Lighting

Over the last few years, LED lighting has become the new standard for busy retail outlets, industrial units, office blocks, hospitals and government buildings and this is due to reduced running costs, low maintenance, superior performance and, more recently, affordability reasons. In fact, according to a number of recent studies, it has been estimated that energy efficient LED lighting products actually start to pay for themselves after a period of less than six months!

With the price of LED lamps and lighting fixtures falling all the time, the time to switch from CFL lighting to commercial LED lighting products such as LED downlights and LED tube lights has never been better. The energy savings, increased lifespan and reduced maintenance costs mean that there is very little to think about indeed when deciding which product is the most appropriate for your needs.

Wholesale & Industrial LED Lighting

At Fibre Optic FX Ltd, we currently offer a huge range of wholesale LED lights and LED lighting fixtures for commercial applications which can be used for a diverse cross-section of lighting needs, both indoors and outdoors.

Whether you are looking for affordable office lighting, exterior site lighting that is completely weatherproof or internal shop and retail store lighting, we stock all of the products and accessories you could possibly need. As well as being highly functional in terms of illuminating the workplace, our commercial LED lighting solutions can also be used for advertising purposes and for attracting visitors to your establishment.

Coloured LED Lighting for Business & Commercial Use

As well as providing LED downlights, tube lighting and spotlights for stores and office buildings, we also offer an extensive range of multi-coloured LED lighting options which can be used to create highly vibrant, dazzlingly bright display signs and for lighting exterior areas such as car parks, landscaped gardens and store fronts. We also stock a wide range of fibre optic lighting products which can be supplied with LED light engines. These offer the same low running costs as our standard LED tube lights and the same ease-of-use and longevity.

For more detailed information on our commercial LED lighting solutions, or to find out more about our bespoke installation services, please contact the sales team.