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Fibre Optic End Emitting Cables

End emitting cable is made up of PMMA acrylic fibres which are protected by a flexible PVC jacket. It is ideal for use with star ceilings, cloths and carpets, end fittings and signage.


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Visually Spectacular End Emitting Cables

The results are always visually spectacular when using this type of product, particularly when using colour changing light source such as a multi-coloured, programmable LED light engine.

Popular uses for fibre optic end emitting cable with end fittings include feature lighting, architectural lighting features and landscape fixtures. End emitting cable can also be used as an attractive alternative to neon signs, imaginative retail displays and highly captivating artwork installations.

At Fibre Optic FX Ltd, we supply custom made end emitting cable products for a diverse range of clients and applications, many of which are featured on the pages of this website. For more information on the stunning fibre optic products and the effects they can produce, please check out the images in the gallery below.

Single strand unjacketed fibres are also available in various sizes.


End Point

End Emitting Cable

End Point

End Emitting Cable

Product Reference Numbers

Catalogue NumberOutside DiameterDescriptionType
FX 4J4mm4 x 0.75mm FibresJacketed
FX 8J5mm8 x 0.75mm FibresJacketed
FX 12J5.2mm12 x 0.75mm FibresJacketed
FX 25J8mm25 x 0.75mm FibresJacketed
FX 50J9.4mm50 x 0.75mm FibresJacketed
FX 75J10.5mm75 x 0.75mm FibresJacketed
FX 40/7/3J14mm40 x 0.75mm, 7 x 1mm
& 3 x 1.5mm Fibres
FX 500E0.5mm1 x 0.50mm FibreSingle Strand
FX 750E0.75mm1 x 0.75mm FibreSingle Strand
FX 1000E1.0mm1 x 1mm FibreSingle Strand
FX 1500E1.5mm1 x 1.5mm FibreSingle Strand
FX 2000E2.0mm1 x 2mm FibreSingle Strand
FX 3000E3.0mm1 x 3mm FibreSingle Strand


Eclipse - Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Eclipse - Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Fibre optic tree with a 500 sq. mtr star cloth in the background

Emirates Engineering Centre – Dubai Airport

Emirates Engineering Centre – Dubai Airport
A total 6000 metres of end emitting cable was used with 130 x 150w metal halide light engines. Each letter is 2.7mtrs tall and four sets in total were illuminated both in English and Arabic.

Stella McCartney Freestanding Panel

Stella McCartney - Paris
A free standing panel 3000mm x 1900mm x 150mm was created for the launch of a new range by designer Stella McCartney.

Halifax Museum

Halifax Museum – Halifax
6 display cases illuminated.

Satans Ball

Satan’s Hollow Nightclub – Manchester
Pulsating multi coloured crystals set into a sphere.