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Lighting solutions using LED Lamps

LED Lighting Solutions

Fibreopticfx are specialists in the supply and design of LED lighting systems. We supply fixtures, fittings and lamps for any size of project. Our clients are usually consumers and home installations or companies. We have created a handy information page telling you all about LED's and led lamps, click here to read more about them. 

The reasons behind using LED's over traditional lighting are numerous but include:

  • Much longer operating hours
  • Lower power consumption
  • Easier maintenance

The advances in technology over the past 10 years have also brought the price of LED technology right down to the level of traditional lighting methods. Below you can find out a bit about the type of work we do using LED.


Business Installations using LED Lights

For companies we provide the full service from specification of your project right through to manufacture, supply and installation of the LED Product, we have a vast array of examples of our work which you can view by visiting our LED Projects Page.


Consumer LED Lighting Installations

With private home installations we can provide the same service as business but often we are approached to create custom LED light effects for mood rooms, this is something we specialise in and you can see from our LED Projects Page some samples.

Neon LED tubeLED Ribbon Flex

Our LED Lighting Products

You can view the type of LED Lighting products we supply below: