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"Fibre Optic Lights are a well established lighting technology"

What are Fibre Optic Lights?

Fibre Optic Basics
Fibre optics are long tubes with a transparent core used to transmit light. They are most commonly used with infrared light to efficiently transmit electronic information over many miles. Many people are more familiar with their decorative uses, however. Fibre optics are used in artificial Christmas trees, toys, industrial lighting, Sparkling star effect ceilings and many other applications where access after installation is difficult or even impossible.
Fibre Optic Structure
The core of a fibre optic cable is a thin, flexible, transparent glass or polymer tube. Around this tube is a reflective layer, and around that layer is a sheath to protect the fibre optic cable. At places where light is supposed to shine out from the cable, there is no reflective layer or coating around the glass or polymer.
How Fibre Optic Lighting Works
A light shines into the end of the fiber optic tube, making a beam that travels down. As it moves down the fiber optic line, the beam scatters but the coating reflects it back, sending it down the tube without losing any light. When the light reaches the end of the fiber optic tube, it continues to travel forward, making a emitting a point of light. If a section of the cable surface is damaged, some of the light will leak out of it, since there is no reflective coating to send it back into the cable. A Light Engine is required to ‘push’ light down the fibre, we offer a wide range of light outputs from a 3 watt LED to 250 watt Metal Halide. The amount of light emitting out of the end of the fibre is proportional to the intensity of light ‘pushed’ into it by the light engine and also the number of fibres bundled together giving a greater cross sectional area.
Life of a Fibre Optic Cable
A good quality optical fibre does not degrade under normal conditions and because only light is being transmitted along the cable to the fitting the only maintenance required would be to the light engine (a lamp change for example) this can be mounted many metres away in a convenient location.
Fibre Optic FX Ltd has been involved in consultation, design, manufacture and installation of fibre optic lighting and bespoke signage for more than 15 years. We take very seriously our commitment to provide all our valued customers with quality products at a reasonable price, efficient service, and attention to details that we feel is second to none in our industry.